Every Canvas:

  • Comes with hanging hardware attached
  • Is gloss coated for UV light protection
  • Is stretched around a solid wood frame

Other printers charge extra for these features which are standard on our prints. Absolutely no-one does it better than us at a better price. No-one

Our system is efficient and our team experienced. Our printing & framing job is the same on every canvas, it's the images that change. If your image is low quality ie blurry etc you won't care how great the printing and framing job is. So make sure that you're providing the best photo possible. If you had your photos taken professionally make sure that you have been provided the high resolution files, & if you're not experienced in photo editing it's best to upload your photos pre an edits



We are located at 215 Carlingview Drive, Unit 309 & 310, Etobicoke, ON, M9W5X8

We're open Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30



Orders are processed in sequence as they are received. The average processing time is 4 business days.

If you need your order to be processed immediately select the “Make it Today”( $25/canvas) option at the checkout. If selected and your order has been received before noon eastern it will be processed and shipped the same business day otherwise the next business day. Choose the shipping option which best fits with your timeline.



Use the code 600 for 60% off & free shipping in Canada and the United States. Canvas sizes with one side equal to or greater than 40", ( 40X30 for example) will incur an oversize surcharge . The actual shipping is free, however, shippers charge an oversize fee for large packages on top of the shipping charge


The image quality is an excellent tool and a very good predictor as to the outcome of your canvas print. A "poor" reading = poor print. Choose different sizes and select the size which works best with your photo.



You can get a full refund before your order goes to print. Once the order status changes from " received" to " processing" it is too late to make any changes or get a refund. Stock canvases, such as our own skyline prints are fully refundable with the packaging intact



A great looking canvas comes down to a great photo. Photos with good lighting and resolution will result in a great canvas.

Use the image quality meter

Try different wrap styles to keep more of your image on the front of the canvas

Buy more and save more on combined shipping rates

Keep coming back! We're always adding new features and products that may work for you in the future, not to mention some great specials



Please note that we do not collect, store, or see your credit card info. We are using 2 companies which specialize in secure online transactions; PayPal & Stripe. We have also installed SSL on all pages of our site.